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     Recycled print blanket : iPad cases


No iPad should be nude...iPads can do much, but they don't recover well from a bounce, slide or face-plant. Our iPad case range comes in sleeve and folio styles.

Rubber printing blankets are part of the offset printing process used to print newspapers, catalogues & labels. After many print runs the blankets have to be changed. Each blanket is left with a unique impression of what was last printed. Maybe yours is a design mag, the gossip pages or even an olive oil bottle label.

Printer blankets are rubber with a canvas backing which we cover with fluoro felt. The process: we collect / transport / clean / cut / moisturise with the secret herbs and spices mix to add shine & seal in the ink impression (much "wax on" & "ambidextrous wax off" work) / industrially sew / shoot & shelve...

What is a print blanket ?
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