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New kid on the haul block

Scott Kilmartin - Thursday, September 23, 2010
The Partridge family had five kids, Party of Five was, well, a party of five. So I got thinking - maybe another hauler in addition to the family of four would mean more 'Gus' time. Being the face and brains behind a brand is by all means hard work - but, hey, surely some sort of assistant for me would make life a little easier...

The task was at hand, team haul needed to find a suitable candidate; capable of thinking on their feet (Bear Grylls or similar), a multitasking genius (preferable previous experience as a juggler or hula hoop artist) and gets on swimmingly with staff and customers, in particular the most handsome of them all, brand ambassador aka myself, Gus...

After hours and hours of strenuous interviews, survival skills test, choose your own adventure role plays and some serious rock, paper scissors action, we decided on a suitable addition to team haul. I would like to introduce you to haul's newest member, Sarah.

Sarah is a Scorpio, she counts Pina Colada's, ELO and Magnum PI among here interests and has an incredible knack for reciting David Bowie part as 'Jareth the Goblin King'/The Labyrinth.

Sarah will be managing my media appearances, modeling contracts, social engagements, blog updates and tweets.

Welcome aboard Sarah