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My angel is a (Desktop) centrefold....

Gus the Boxer - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You all have known, for quite sometime now, just how sexy haul is. It's a fact of life. Our products are pretty slick, everyone wants a piece of us. In fact, if you were at a bar and haul was standing within your vicinity, you would be playing some serious eyesies with us.

Although they didn't quite think we were Sustainable enough, the design with-it kids at Desktop Magazine have fallen for our range's good looks and boyish charm. Our iPad sleeves and folios have left them weak at the knees. So much so, they feel we deserve our own centerfold. As seen in DESKTOP's September issue.
And just a heads up to those faint hearted out there, not since Don Johnson's 1987 TV Guide centerfold (circa Miami Vice) have you seen a sexier photo spread.

We think it captures our curves in just the right light.