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Brooksfield's in for the haul

Gus the Boxer - Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's always exciting making a new friend.

You find someone with similar interests, whether it be a shared appreciation for Hall & Oates circa 'Private Eyes' or like you, they just don't get Inception (so wait, let me get this straight, it's Leo's dream within a dream within a dream...?). And it means one more Christmas card in the mail and that extra 'happy birthday' Facebook wall post on your special day.

It's even more exciting when you new friend is gifted in the styling department. We've always thought haul's products were pretty styling, and our new friend does to. We've always said "haul's ideal for those effortlessly stylish 20-40 year old students and young professionals ". Our new friend couldn't agree more.

If you haven't figured it out yet, our new friend is local mens fashion store Brooksfield and we're developing a bit of a man crush!
Brooksfield will be stocking a range of haul products, including our iPad and MacBook sleeves in their two brand spanking new stores in South Yarra & World Square in Sydney.