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Bushfires... what happened next

Scott Kilmartin - Wednesday, March 04, 2009
After weeks of blanket media coverage of the Victorian Bushfire tragedy, I have started to get #bushfires fatigue. Another news event occurs, and the focus moves on to it - yesterday it was the Sri Lankan cricket team shootings and partly because the production supervisor @haul is from there [ and we are all sports nutters ] it has extra impact.

Which brings me to the point of this post. A guy i've met briefly a couple of times at business events and have been impressed with  because of his 'every man style', blue collar delivery and diverse background and perspective [ how many company heads do you know that can juggle ? ] has been doing his best to make sure we don't forget about the plight of the bushfire victims just because the news cycle has moved on.

His name is Pete Williams CEO of Deloitte Digital in Australia. He's got family that were affected by the bushfires in and around the town of Flowerdale VIC. Now you may think- well big deal he's just another corporate looking for a good corporate citizen story for his company-. Fair enough to be a bit cynical in this world, but this is something more than that, here's a guy using his vast skills, nous, resources  and network to get stuff done. I think this takes a lot more investment than just writing a fat cheque [ which i have no idea whether his business has done or not ]. You need serious planning and the ability to mobilze people and resources in a structured way and push through the red tape to really help. Pete has used his tech background to give the people of Flowerdale a voice and alert the public where things are at and whats being [ or not being ] done.

In a local climate where corporate fatcats are getting hammered in the media for inflated bonuses for sacking staff [ and rightly so ] here's a bloke who's the real deal in the way you want your community leaders to be.

So to Pete and all those out there like him getting stuff done for the bushfire victims, you inspire me.

track the rebuild of Flowerdale on Pete's blog:
there is a link to donate money directly to this cause: [ monies are handled by the Deloitte Foundation ]
follow Pete on twitter

What you can do:
If you run a website or a blog link to the the blog above
or even use your Facebook or Twitter status updates or draw attention to what will be a long rebuild.

Scott Kilmartin
House of haul
ps never week we'll go back to posts that pump up our own tyres and self promote like crazy.

V festival 2009 Band gifts

Gus the Boxer - Monday, February 23, 2009

We've just done a deal with the guys at the Australia arm of the Vfestival 09 to supply the band gifts. We did messenger bags and doc folders out of the stage scrim and billboards last year for the likes of Duran Duran. This year we'll be making a bunch of laptop sleeves from old some old advertising billboards. Whether this is enough to get Team haul backstage with the Killers remains to be seen.  ROCK n ROLL baby. Now where is my black t-shirt.

New Website for the House of haul

Gus the Boxer - Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wishing You and Yours a Fine 09

New haul web platform launched 12.1.09

Well you may have noticed that this is a new website. We had a falling out with our previous web developers who after 16 months still hadn't finished our site [ wwwshop in Brighton VIC = be very careful ] and didn't look they were going to finish it anytime soon nor deliver the site they were engaged for.

So this brings us to now. We have built this one inhouse and over the next month you'll see a great deal of functionality being added as well as a sharper design once we get the architecture tweaked. Ana Garcia [aka The Puppeteer] leads our design team and is doing a swell job. Gus and her disappear mumbling something about UXD and emerge hours later with bleary eyes from staring at the Imac too long.
Gift vouchers are redeemable online and will be available to be purchased in the online store on Jan 29.
International shipping will be added in March, an affiliates program and customer feedback /reiview app will arrive in late March.

If you have any trouble ordering or come across any irritating glitches please contact us.

haul scores the google fit-out in Sydney

Gus the Boxer - Sunday, November 02, 2008

We are going to haul some Google arse around Sydney

November 3rd, 2008

We’ve had a pretty crazy month here at the House of haul.

We won the John So medal for the best and fairest biz in Melbourne
towne for 2008 in early Oct and then last week on the last day of Oct
we found out that we’re supplying a bunch of our recycled billboard
bean bags
for the new Google office in Sydney.

So you might say Google has given us the arse. 

the searchable dog

haul wins Business 3000 Business of The Year Award

Gus the Boxer - Thursday, October 09, 2008

The haul crew frocked up and went along to the Melbourne Business 3000 Awards gala dinner last night for the free feed, not expecting to win any silverware.

There was less cleavage than the Brownlow and Bert Newton was nowhere to be seen but an A-List field of thoroughbreds including Aesop, Red Bubble, MagNation, and Salesforce were in the running.

So you could imagine our surprise at the end of the night when rockstar Lord Mayor John So announced we had won the GOLD Logie.

haul is the Business 3000 Business of the Year for 2008

Go you good thing